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Sunday, August 1

I noticed I haven't been updating my blog. LOL. Busy laa. SPM in 4 months time! =(
Anyway, I've just finished my monthly test last week & it was a disaster! One of the worst test I've done so far I guess. Even English was pretty tough. 
Or maybe the problem is me. Maybe I've been slacking too much. Too laidback I guess =(
Gotta pick myself up from here & start studying. 
Hmm, 4 more months left! =.=' 
I'm so excited for KFSPP! whee~ 
that's it i guess. Won't update my blog so frequent anymore.
So just bear with it.xD 

xoxo, Ame

Saturday, July 10


Slept at 4.30am after watching the Germany vs Spain game. Was rather disappointed with Germany's performance =(

So yeah, I set my alarm clock at 6.40am for school. Guess wut? I did wake up, but at 7am! LOL. So then I sat down on the sofa looking out to this beautiful morning sunrise. =) It's been quite some time ever since I really observe the Sun rises. Sometimes people just tend to take for granted the things that happen on a daily basis, don't they? But when you take some time out of your daily routine and just take a look around the little things that matters in your life, it actually makes you appreciate life even more! You'll learn to appreciate every single moment of your life. I love my life! I really do. 

 these are the pics =)

I skipped school from Monday to Thursday cause I wasnt feeling well =( Had chest pain the whole week >< horrible feeling! It's something I never want to go through again =( But now I'm feeling better! Awesomeee! Must be because of floorball.xD

Anyway, Cindy get well soon! <3

xoxo, Ame.

Monday, July 5

Today was a rather slow & less exciting day compared to yesterday. Went to my babysitter's house for a visit and I saw her grand daughter which is super duper cute! Very cheeky too! She's 1 year plus and she speaks very fluently. I was rather surprised that she remembered me. =) such a lovely girl. How nice if I get to be at that age again. So carefree & no worries at all. Life was just so simple. All you do is eat, sleep, play and whine like a baby till you get something you want. How easy it was! =( Gahhh. I like my life now anyway, just dislike the exam stress, that's all. Skipping school tomorrow! Hoho =P

Oh yeahh, the friendly with Ztec was fun! We lost 7-5. But I definitely learnt a lot from this friendly & I need to thank their goalie for that awesome own goal.xD

xoxo, Ame.

Saturday, July 3

great way to start a weekend.

Today's daddy's birthday. Bought him his gift already, I hope he likes it =) and like what I've previously said, HOLLAND rocks wei! Brazil is going back home! 2-1 win! woyeahhh. 
BJ training in school on Friday was a blast! Kudos team BJ. & I really respect Mimie, our goalie. She's really a daring lil girl. goshh *salutes* KFSPP, here we come!
Spearhead's gonna have a friendly with Ztec 8cer tomorrow at Dalat. =)

xoxo, Ame.

Sunday, June 20

beginning of sadness again =(

My 2 weeks of holidays are gone, just like that. So fast! :( Gonna start studying again. Oh wait, exam results first! oh shit laaa! =S
I notice I've been procrastinating a lot during the holidays, but oh well, it was holidays mah! Hahaha. So now have to start doing my work & start studying. SPM is in 5 months time wei. Good & bad la cause 1) I get to end my high school life soon, 2) I'm not ready for SPM! =(
Wanna go emo de la.xD 
& HOLLAND rocks! Sneijder rocks!
tomorrow should be an interesting game. Go PORTUGAL! hehe.
OK, back to school tomorrow =( *cries* 

xoxo, Ame.

Friday, June 11

it's been too long..

It's been too long ever since I went out with Cindy & Kat! Can't even recall when was the last time. Watched Karate Kid with 2 of my dearyy. The movie is really meaningful, but quite slow at the beginning. Still, kudos to Jaden Smith! =)

Had awesome dinner with my family & cousin at El Mondo. One of my fav place for Italian food. Their pizzas are the BOMB! =) awesome stuff wei. I highly recommend. Then headed to Batu Feringgi for night walk. My granny was there too! She's one tough lady I tell you! She walks faster than me wei! & I was so happy to see her <3 Also, I managed to buy Gossip Girl, so it's time for movie marathon! (: 

After that we went to Sega cause I had this sudden cravings for coffee! YES! I'm a coffee freak :)

I really love spending quality time with my friends & family! They mean the world to me! <3

xoxo, Ame.

Wednesday, June 9


 GCC Camp (Sunday-Monday)
The camp I went to was really awesome! I enjoyed my time there at Cinta Sayang Resort. I get to know a lot of new people & understand the people I already knew more! I ENJOYED playing Taboo too! (what happens in room 834, stays in room834) hehe. 
Also, the food there was GOOD! Every meal was good. I feel like a lil kid enjoying her food :) Even woke up at 6.30am to go for a jog with Penny, Nia, Chris & Mei Chelle! =) 
Went to Carnivall Theme Park just next to Cinta Sayang. That was my FIRST time trying the slides. Gila wei! =x No words can describe how awesome it was!

State Training @ Metropolitan (Tuesday)
Every time I go for state training, I have to prepare myself mentally & physically! LOL. & I really mean it. The workout was GREAT! Gila power. I can feel the love right now. Haha. But all in all, I didn't regret my decision & I'll continue going for state training! =)

TUITION (Wednesday & Thursday)
Gonna have to wake up at 8.30am for Physics tuition at 9am. Goshhh, what a drag! =(

Batu Feringghi (Thursday)
I'm looking forward to go to Batu Feringghi with my cousin tomorrow night! Woyeah. It's time to do some shopping since it's holidays anyway! Hehe. =) <3

Saturday, June 5

beginning of holidays!

What an awesome way to start my holidays with a camp!
Will be away from Sat-Mon. =)
The thing is, I haven't pack yet! =x
& on Monday night, I have Spearhead Celebration! yeah baby! 

to Cindy, if you just so happen to read this, BOO yah! I'm going to camp while you sit at home & rot.xD nyahahahaha =P

xoxo, Ame.

Thursday, June 3

I smell freedom.xD

H-O-L-I-D-A-Y-S! Whoo hoo. Finally I'm done with my 3 long weeks of EXAMS! & so, my holidays starts TODAY! yayy! =P

~Before I forget, Physics paper was a bee-yatch! spoil my mood nee. ughh! 

xoxo, Ame. 

Wednesday, May 12

Long day ahead

Tmrw is another day where I have Bio, Chem, Physics & Mod Maths in a day! Then, Bio & Add Maths for extra class plak. *faints*
Exams is next week & I dont think I'm even ready yet. =(
So much things to study, so lil time. haiyy

Anyway, whatever you're going through BRO. Just rmbr I'll be by your side kay. I'll lend you my ears if you need someone to talk to. =) & I'll even lend you my floorball stick if you feel like whacking some balls! LOL. So cheer up okay? <3

xoxo, Ame.

Sunday, May 9

End of PVL Div 2.

Yesterday was the end of PFL Div2 after a whole 2 months. Out last game was with FireBRANDS! Yeahh, what a good way to end the league! HAHA. We lost, but at least we showed our spirit & determination to fight till the last second. 
Thus, I wanna thank my coaches, Penny, Chris & Edward for all the guidance & shouting at us when we're blur  =)
Also, thank you Linken (the scary ref) for the motivational talk in the morning! It really gave us the extra edge to go in the court with nothing to lose, but everything to gain. =)
BUT, now I have 3 blueblacks =(

The closing ceremony was really a blast. Congrats to team Spearhead for coming in 2nd in the league! Awesome wei!xD Job well done. Also, congrats to FireBRANDS & 300! (: The one thing that I still cant bliv till now was to be All Star left defender. Really didn't expect it :S  But that really made my day. At least all the tears & sweat did not go to waste. Thanks Chris, Penny, Edward, Sam, Linken, Alex & a whole lot more ppl for giving me the 'semangat'! =) Also, thank you CALVIN LIM WEN QUAN! You are indeed the greatest bro on Earth! Thank you for the hug even though I was so smelly after the game! xD <3 you!

Also, on that day itself, Contact had a friendly with Frontliners. Bro didn't play as well as he did during Labour Day Challenge. But whatever it is, I'm super proud of you pro! Really am! You still have a lot of time to improve! Yeeehaaa! =) 

The day didnt just end like that. I had an awesome dinner with my cousin & family at Elmondo. Awesome pizza I tell you! After dinner, headed to Batu Ferringhi for the night walk. Sadly, the dvd shops weren't open. =( 
My awesome day didn't just stop there, we went to Gurney for midnight movie (Ironman 2) & it was superb! TONY STARK! <3 nyahahaha. The movie ended at around 3am. Then daddy decided to go grab some supper. So we reached home at around 4am.
First time sleeping so late this year :P

Yesterday was indeed the best day! I enjoyed it the moment I woke up till the time I went to bed. Awesome awesome awesome! <3
Here are some pics;

Penny giving us some semangat! =)
 Match ended. Hip Hip Hooray! (:
 All Stars for Div 2.
Go team Trailblazer!
  Take 1.
 Take 2.
 Last one.
So coaches, are you guys proud of us?xD

xoxo, Ame. 

Saturday, May 8


Watched Ironman with my 2 closest friends, Shreas & Cindy just now. It's been too long ever since I watch a movie with them.
Ironman 2 was super awesome wey! GOSH! Tony Stark is so HOT! *drools*
This time around, Tony Stark is way hotter than the first Ironman.
I just cant describe his hot-ness!xD
The movie is superb!
Gonna watch it again tmrw! YAW baby! =)